It’s about leaning into vulnerability, self-expansion, and finding connection to the desire within. Cultivating your intentions and energy in a safe space to then share your gift authentically, purposefully.

By default and choice, I am a helper. From a child, the nature to guide has been at close reach. I have spent large portions of my life supporting others. After years of teaching myself and being led by fellow creatives, I now offer myself back to you.

This guided space within my business is sacred and so meaningful to my life path and hopefully to yours as well. Together you and I will form a symbiotic relationship that is in pure loving support of your dreams.

I am so happy that you have found your way here. Thank you for taking the time to read and for considering me as your mentor. I am so honored and excited to connect with you on your journey of self and photography.

For heart centered photographers 

my why:

From video calls, coaching, to in-person sessions, this is where we take the leap together into your dreams. Based on your goals we will decide what path of guidance is best for you.


Starting at $250

Reach out to me


Step 1. Once I receive an inquiry from you, I will forward you my mentor brochure! You will be able to sink into the options I have and ultimately choose which feels best for your learning path.



Step 2. Now that you’ve decided on a path to take in your mentor journey, we will get you all signed up! I will forward you a proposal and contract specifically to the services you are seeking.


Step 3. Depending on what kind of mentor session you’re doing, there will be a specific planning process! Whichever session you are opting for, you will absolutely be receiving a questionnaire from me!

Our time together

Step 4. Whether you chose a phone call, coaching, or an in person session of some kind, this is where all of our time and planning unfolds. Together we will create the experience you are hoping for and so much more!

Your Experience


"Val is so generous when it comes to her mentor sessions." 

Her main focus is helping you find confidence within yourself to know you DO belong in the photography world and you should pursue it if it calls out to you. It doesn't matter what camera you have or what editing software you use, she teaches you how to truly capture people in your own unique individual way



"Val showed me how to zoom in and out with the lens, focus the camera and lock in that focal point, and change the light settings."

Unsurprisingly to anyone who knows her, Val created one of the best learning spaces I could have dreamed of. Her confidence is strongly coupled with humility which creates the most stable, comfortable, and exciting environment for learning. She gave the perfect amount of instruction for me to proceed while also providing the space necessary for growth and exploration.



"Choosing Val as my mentor was hands down one of the best decisions I've ever made."

She has helped fuel my passion & has given me the tools, support, and knowledge to pursue my dream. She genuinely cares about my success, & has a gentle guidance approach that helped direct my path and allowed me to make choices that fulfill my vision. She's been my personal hype girl and I couldn't have taken this step without her!




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