My Purpase

The humans I work with commonly seek raw memories.

They want the messy, mundane, and truth to spill from each photograph that is their story. To be able to see an image and relive it and embody the feelings all over again. My people see their galleries as time capsules, a holding of moments where each image transports them back, and back again. 

I am a homebody at heart where you will most likely find me with my person, our toddler, and our four fur children. I am a nature enthusiast so during our more pleasant temperature seasons, I am somewhere venturing around our outdoor world.

Lilacs are a childhood cherished scent. Plants are the most pure earth life forms. Knowledge can always be sought and pursued. Carry on♡

As for the human in me, 

Step into my world...



Some kind of herbal tea


The latest binge worthy show with my person

Healing & Growth content of all sorts


A few of my favorites:

Goo Goo Dolls and Trevor Hall

Let me help you slow down and appreciate the small moments